You are in a bad relationship; an unhealthy relationship; a dangerous, abusive relationship but not ready to share that with anyone in your family; don't want to turn to friends, have no one to talk to about how you feel or what you are going through. You need somebody to talk to. Call FRC and ask to speak with a domestic violence case manager.

They will speak with you by phone or in person. You can tell them your story over the phone or come in and sit down with them in a private, confidential setting.

They will listen. There is no judgment. If you are looking for resources, they will offer you resources. If you are in need of options, they will help you find your options. They will introduce you to all the services FRC has to offer victims of domestic violence. They will work with you on a one time basis or on an on-going basis. They are here to help, to provide you with support in your decision, whatever that may be.

Call our FRC office at 540-483-5088.