When exiting the shelter, you may want to continue supportive services as you start your Healthy Lifestyle, free of Domestic Violence.   FCFRC has the following services available to you.

  • Have a DV Case Manager make one home visit per month. This is an opportunity for you to have one on one peer counseling.
  • Have a DV Case Manager call once a month. This is an opportunity to be assisted with any resources/referrals you may need.
  • Provide a Support Group for Adult Victims & Survivors of Domestic Violence on Mondays, 12:30pm - 1:30pm or 5pm-6pm.
  • Provide a class entitled: "Helping Children Who Witness Domestic Violence" on Wednesdays, 4pm - 6pm.
  • Provide a Stress & Anger Management Class for Adult Victims & Survivors of Domestic Violence on Thursdays, 12:30pm - 2:30pm.
  • Update or create any Safety Plans for maintaining your healthy new lifestyle free from Domestic Violence.
  • Provide use of a fax machine, copier, Notary, all free of charge, to assist with any personal goals you may be working on in your new healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide transportation for any domestic violence related court dates if none other is available.
  • Provide court accompaniment for domestic violence cases.
  • Provide emergency transportation to the ER if none other is available if you have been re-victimized.