To provide assistance to the staff of the Franklin County Family Resource Center in their efforts to develop and expand the influence and quality of family related services and programs to this community and the operations of the state accredited domestic violence program for victims and their children.


The Friends of the Family Resource Center was created when the Family Resource Center became a department of Franklin County so the original Board of the non-profit group would be able to stay involved.


The Friends of the Family Resource Center hold fund-raising activities throughout the year. Some of these activities include but are not limited to: Gospel Sing, yard sales, Christmas trees, raffles and sales of refreshments at funding events held in the County.



friends binBINS - If you would like to help us in our efforts to fundraise, please place your old clothing in one of our 10 bins located across the County.  They are white and have the "Break the Silence" logo with "clothing and shoes" appearing on the front.  Locations: Wal-mart, Roses, Redwood United Methodist Church, Burnt Chimney, 220N,  and Scruggs recycling centers.

CELL PHONES - Or maybe you have an old cell phone you would like to donate!  If so, please call 483-5088 and ask where to drop it off.


Funds raised are spent in any way which may benefit the programs and activities of the Family Resource Center including, but not limited to: The Follow-up Program for families continued support system, emergency transportation, relocation of victims of abuse to other areas for safety purposes.