Corrections (Jail)

The Corrections Division is responsible for the care, custody and control of individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting adjudication or disposition, or those individuals that are serving time after being sentenced. Personnel employed in this division have the responsibility to protect the public from incarcerated criminals, protect fellow officers from inmates, and protect inmates from other inmates at all times.

Development & Rehabilitation

The Corrections Division also places huge emphasis on competency development and rehabilitation programs. The Sheriff's Office currently has an agreement with the Franklin County Public School System to provide General Education Development (GED) instruction to all qualified inmates. This agreement allows inmates to utilize their time at the Franklin County Jail to further their education.

In addition to these accomplishments and achievements, the Corrections Division continues to stay involved in numerous other rehabilitation programs as well. This is due to the importance that the Sheriff has placed on continuing education and furthering the development of relationships and practices that produce a more productive, proficient, and proactive organization.

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For more information on employment opportunities or general information regarding the Corrections Division please email Captain Duane Amos.