Application Process

The Family Resource Center values volunteer involvement from our community. Submit a volunteer application:

Each volunteer goes through a screening process which consists of:

  1. Filling out an application
  2. Interview session
  3. Reference checks
  4. Second interview session if needed
  5. Final evaluation

The Family Resource Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, or national origin. After determining eligibility for the program, the applicant must complete numerous hours of training prior to becoming a volunteer:

  • Level 1 - 12 Hours
  • Level 2 - 35 Hours
  • Level 3 - 54 Hours

Volunteer Needs

Office Help

If you are not sure about working directly with clients but want to volunteer for a good cause, this may be the area for you. Volunteers may provide assistance to the secretary and/or case managers in the shelter office by:

  • Answering the door
  • Answering phones
  • Cleaning in the office areas
  • Entering data for statistics, tax receipt information, or activities/projects into the computer
  • Filing
  • Moving large items, bags, boxes, or furniture/household items
  • Organizing office supply room/client supply room and client resource room
  • Retrieving supplies needed for clients, office, training, or groups
  • Typing, printing, and folding of brochures, flyers, or information for program use


Some clients in-shelter have a vehicle of their own or a support person help them meet their transportation needs, but some don’t. If they are trying to go to support group, counseling, training, court, or to put job applications in, we do our best to help them get there.

Parent / Child Activities

In the Follow-Up Program, we try to bring our families together, including the families in the shelter, at least four times per year. If a volunteer has a specialty in this area or would like to help organize and run one of these functions, they would need to share ideas with the Director and help to develop activity objectives, date and time, and any qualifications in the specified area.

Child Care

The Family Resource Center conducts year-round support groups, stress/anger management group, training, etc. We would like all of our clients to have the opportunity to participate. To insure their ability to do this, we have the ability to arrange childcare and children’s group with activities to be provided during these specific times, if the participant notifies Family Resource Center of this need. Any volunteer willing to provide these services would need to meet with a case manager to obtain necessary information.

Emergency Contact Person

Volunteers wishing to participate in this need to understand it is a mix of all areas listed previously, plus being a good listener and taking time to call and/or visit the individual or family you are matched with for the duration of their stay in the shelter. Sometimes this will continue even after their exiting the shelter if they choose to participate in the Follow-Up Program.