Insurance Services Office (ISO) Ratings

The following are the current Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification (PPC) Ratings for the fire districts in Franklin County. Some departments will have two codes:

  • The first will be the rating for all areas in the respective response district that are covered with hydrants. The structures must be within 1,000 feet of a good hydrant.
  • The second number will be the rating for all structures within 5 road miles of a fire station.
  • The stations with only one number are departments without hydrants in their primary response area.

There are also areas that have a "Dry Hydrant" within two road miles of a structure. ISO will rate these, however we have not had this process completed yet. Individual insurance companies may offer reduces insurance premiums for these areas on an individual basis.

2016 Franklin County Public Safety ISO PPC Ratings

StationLocationISO PPC Rating
1Rocky Mount4 / 4Y
3Ferrum4 / 4Y
4Glade hill4 / 4Y
5Callaway4 / 4Y
6Snow Creek4 / 4Y
7Boones Mill4 / 4Y
8Fork Mountain4 / 4Y
9Burnt Chimney4 / 4Y
10Scruggs4 / 4Y
11Smith Mountain Lake Marine (Bedford County)6
12Hardy (Bedford County)Unavailable
13Cool Branch (Pittsylvania County) Unavailable
14Henry4 / 4Y
15Westlake4 / 4Y