24HR Library @ Summit View


The Franklin County Public Library (FCPL) has installed a self-service 24-Hour Library kiosk where residents can access library materials seven days a week.

The kiosk is located at the Summit View Business Park on Route U.S. 220 in Rocky Mount. It contains 235 books, audiobooks, and DVDs that the public can browse and borrow.

The 24-Hour Library operates similarly to a vending machine, except the items are free.

A person needs an FCPL card in order to borrow items from the kiosk. Items available for checkout include bestselling fiction and movies for all ages. Users can visually browse and select items, then scan their library card to dispense them and print a receipt. Borrowed items may be returned to the kiosk, as well.

The 24-Hour Library is sheltered, wheelchair accessible, equipped with security cameras, and illuminated at night.