U.S. 220 Corridor

In April of 2007, the Franklin County Board of Supervisors, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, and the Western Virginia Water Authority signed a joint resolution to extend public water into Franklin County along U.S. 220. The waterline project will follow U.S. 220 from the Roanoke/Franklin County line into Franklin County extending to the Wirtz "Plateau Plaza" area.


The 220-North Corridor Plan was originally adopted by the Franklin County Board of Supervisors on February 17, 2009. The original Area Plan was a requirement of a $1 million federal grant toward the construction of a 12-inch public water line along the northern segment of U.S. Route 220 in Franklin County and was developed with input from the Franklin County Planning Commission, County staff, and stakeholders along the Route 220 corridor. The plan identified the opportunity to plan for and preserve land for a business park, the exact location of which was at the time undetermined.


In 2016, the 220-North Corridor Plan was revised to address the potential development by the County of a new regional mixed use business park called the "Regional Enterprise Park," on parcels along Route 220 surrounding Brick Church Road. In addition, as part of this revision, the County also designated the area from the southern town limits of Boones Mill to the northern town limits of Rocky Mount incorporating the Regional Enterprise Park parcels, the newly adopted wastewater service area boundary, and the Regional Business and Mixed Use Commercial Future Land Use Category boundaries, as a Designated Growth Area (DGA) to meet the requirements of Section 15.2-2223.1 of the Code of Virginia, to accommodate higher density compact mixed use development as an urban/village development area. This designation, along with the designation of Route 220 as a Corridor of Statewide Significance (COSS), qualifies this area to potentially receive funding under Virginia Smart Scale (formerly House Bill Number 2) legislation passed in 2014 as a qualified Urban Development Area (UDA).


The 220-North Corridor Plan seeks to guide development along this important transportation corridor with the development of the Regional Enterprise Park as a key catalyst and anchor for the corridor and for this portion of the County in the future. Upon adoption, the 220-North Corridor Plan became an amendment to the Franklin County 2025 Comprehensive Plan.

Questions or Concerns

Should there be in questions or concerns regarding the 220-North Corridor Plan, interested citizens should contact Lisa Cooper, Principal Planner/Long Range Planning, by calling 540-483-3027 or emailing Lisa.