Zoning Ordinance

What is the purpose of a zoning ordinance?

Zoning ordinances are for the general purpose of promoting the health, safety and the general welfare of the public, and further accomplishing the objectives of  § 15.2-2200. Zoning ordinances are local regulations that control the use and development of land. These ordinances group buildings together into zoning districts in order to separate incompatible uses and promote cohesive planning.  Citizens can read the entire zoning ordinance in "Chapter 25- Zoning" of the Franklin County Code.

What is my zoning?

To find out what your property is zoned, please visit the comprehensive viewer and type your address or parcel number into the search bar. When you click on your property, your zoning should appear on the property card on the left side of your screen. If your zoning lists "NZ" your property is not zoned. If you have difficulties finding this information, please call our office at 540-483-3027.

What are the rules for my zoning district?

Below you will find the regulations for each district. They include the purpose of the district, what is allowed, what is strictly prohibited, and uses you may obtain a special use permit for. Each district also defines the lot size requirements, set back requirements, special requirements, etc. If you are not sure if your plans are allowed for your district, please call our office at 540-483-3027.

If you would like to pursue a special use permit, or apply for a possible rezone, please call the Planning & Community Development Office at 540-483-3027 to schedule a meeting with staff.