Special Teams

Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) Team

The Franklin County Department of Public Safety's Haz-Mat Team provides the citizens of Franklin County with the ability to:

  • Control a hazardous substance spill or leak
  • Access and manage container damage
  • Detect and monitor hazardous atmospheres
  • Use advanced chemical protective clothing
  • Decontaminate personnel during exposures
  • Perform Advanced Haz-Mat Life Support medical services

The Haz-Mat Team operates in compliance with governmental regulations and professional standards. The team consists of career staff that performs these special operations in addition to their firefighting and emergency medical service (EMS) duties. If you witness a possible hazardous substance leak or accident, call 911.

Search & Rescue

Franklin County Search and Rescue (SAR) responds with compassion to support the community with dedicated personnel who are trained, well prepared and equipped to find lost or missing people in wilderness, rural, or disaster environments. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist local, State, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as other first responders. We are also available to aid other Search and Rescue (SAR) groups.

If you're interested in joining the Franklin County Search and Rescue Team, contact the Department of Public Safety at 540-483-3091.

Swift Water Rescue

In 2007, the County of Franklin was looking to begin the process of creating a Whitewater Park on the Pigg River. In preparation of the safety needs that would need to be met, we started the team with 12 members, mostly made up of Public Safety career staff. We began training on the New River during the summer of 2007. By fall 2007 we had 12 certified Basic Swift Water Team members. Today, we have a 16 member team, and in addition we have 1 Motor Boat, 1 Paddle Raft, and a Swift Water Team Trailer/River Command Unit.

Public Safety proactively began the process to create a Swift Water Rescue Team. Our team also partners with the other regional Swift Water Teams to provide a more efficient and resourceful team during emergencies.

If you're interested in joining the Franklin County Swift Water Team, contact Patrick Meeks by calling 540-483-3091 or emailing Patrick.

Technical Rescue

The Franklin County Public Safety's Technical Rescue Team (TRT) provides the citizens of Franklin County with emergency response to specialized rescue and industrial situations involving confined spaces, structural collapse, and vehicle accidents with entrapment, high-angle, or below-grade rescues. The Technical Rescue Team is a member of the Virginia Division 6 Heavy/Tactical Rescue Team including:

  • Franklin
  • Roanoke City
  • Roanoke County
  • Salem