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Public Safety

  1. Change of Certification Status Form
  2. DO NOT CALL Release Form (CodeRed or SmartNotice)
  3. Fire Inspection Request
  4. Fire Training Facility Use
  5. Public Safety Volunteer Application
  6. Ride-Along Waiver Agreement
  7. Stand By Request Form
  8. Vehicle Accident Report
  1. Commendation or Complaint Form
  2. Fire Inspection Complaint Form
  3. Fire Related Permits - Miscellaneous

    1. Amusement Building 2. Assembly (Church, Restaurant, Harvester, Etc.) 3. Blasting/Application & Permit to Use Explosives 4.... More…

  4. Public Education Activity Requests
  5. Request for Fire Incident Report
  6. Smoke Detector Installation Request
  7. Training Equipment Request
  8. Volunteer Exit Survey